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"Emily was the keynote speaker at our annual Youth Summit. One of the Summit's main objectives was to create awareness for mental health issues, especially in youth. Emily was a fantastic speaker and really connected with the youth members. There were many tears and requests for her contact information after her presentation. Emily was able to convey the importance of not being alone in everyday mental health struggles. She was bullied as a teen and was able to reach our audience and connect on a deeper level. Even the adults were in awe at her presentation and ability to communicate effectively and professionally on a topic so close to her heart. I would highly recommend Emily as a speaker with life experience."

Jennifer Gorham

Youth Program Coordinator | City of Charleston


"Emily Torchiana spoke to the students of Laing Middle School in the fall of 2016. As the Drama teacher, I directed THE BULLY PLAYS for our fall production in conjunction with National Anti-Bullying Week and invited Ms. Torchiana to tell about her personal experiences of being bullied. Emily's story, as told to 6-8th graders, was powerful and thought-provoking. This age group could readily understand her personal story as she described her psychological traumas of being the victim of bullying.  After each grade-level assembly, the Q & A that followed proved how touched the students were by her story and many of them stayed after each assembly to personally talk to her about their own experiences."

Daniel Palma

Drama Teacher | Laing Middle School


"Emily's presentation was truly a benefit to the 9th grade students at the Academic Magnet High School. Her style and ability to communicate to such a young audience about such a compelling topic was fantastic and her message was not just meaningful, but it was necessary for my students to hear about depression, suicide, bullying and how destructive these can be to our youth. She made it real when many believe they will never be impacted by mental illness, and she made it ok to reach out to others who may be impacted by mental illness, and to seek help if necessary. Her personal story gave her presentation an intense dose of reality and made her presentation very personal to each and every student. I am hoping to have Emily come back to speak to my incoming 9th graders in the fall."

Deborah Ware

Director of School Counseling | Academic Magnet High School


"Emily's message is powerful and impactful. She has spoken to my psychology classes numerous times, and her message is an important message to college students. She informed them that many people suffer silently, and help is available. The part of the presentation that really hit home for the audience was when she shared stories of students who have gone through hardships and have survived and thrived. Her personal story of mental illness helps to remove the stigma, and make people realize that they are not alone."

Jennifer Spychalski, M.A.

Psychology Professor | College of Charleston


“Emily did a wonderful job in bringing a message of hope and healing to Bexley High School. She is engaging and relatable to teens. Her presentation of what mental illness, depression, anxieties and other silent illnesses 'look like' is on point because so many young people are struggling in isolation and fear. We have heard many positive comments from students, teachers, and parents and we are so pleased that we were able to bring Emily to Bexley to support the mental health of our students.”

Harley Williams, Ed.D.

Principal | Bexley High School



"Emily is a young and vibrate speaker who speaks for the generation of those on social media and the impacts of it. She can motivate an audience, especially one of young folks, to the perils of social media and its impacts."

Larry Sullivan

"Out of the Darkness" Volunteer | The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


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