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"Emily Torchiana has emerged from the shadows of cyberbullying and suicide attempts to turn life's darkest moments into moments of meaning for others who need a mental health hero. "

- TEDxCharleston


"Her words are courageous and she’s committed to her conviction...Torchiana is inspiring others to live"

- Dean Stephens, ABC News 4


"[This] girl single-handedly is shattering the ‘crazy’ stigma"

- Sweta Jalan, Healthcare Executive Magazine

"Emily knows that dark place of isolation. And sometimes that kind of understanding sheds enough light to guide us out."

- Alicia Lutz, The College Today

Emily Torchiana has spoken to tens of thousands of students over the last nine years. She shattering the stigma surrounding mental health, by speaking at high schools, colleges, and conferences across the country about mental health and suicide prevention.

Rather than suffer silently as many do, Emily seeks to help others who also struggle with mental illnesses, by sharing her personal experience of suffering from trauma, as well as overcoming a suicide attempt.


She encourages others to open up. She began speaking locally, while she was attending college in Charleston, South Carolina. From there, her personal story, which emphasizes the benefits of openly discussing our mental illness and suicide, spread across the country. Her presentations bring to light the silent stigma of mental health and the ways to offer support. She combines this education with a call to action for the prevention of suicide nationwide.

Emily is currently a Clinical Psychology graduate student at Pepperdine University. In addition, Emily founded Lost Got Found. The website shares stories of those affected by mental illness and assists them in taking the first step toward gaining support... letting others know about the silent struggles they face. 

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