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Emily receiving award
Emily headshot at water
Emily speaking at women's conference
Emily Torchiana portrait on bridge
Emily Torchiana portrait with masks
Emily Torchiana portrait
Emily Torchiana accepting award at Jefferson Foundation Washington DC
Emily Torchiana on ABC News 4 Charleston with Dean Stephens
Emily Torchiana portrait
Emily Torchiana headshot with broken phone
Emily Torchiana portrait with magazine


Emily Torchiana speaking at event in Charleston
Emily Torchiana portrait on bridge
Emily Torchiana speaking at Jefferson Award Foundation ceremony 2017

"Beneath the Surface of Mental Illness"

ABC News 4 - Lindsey Maloney

Emily Torchiana has been working on a platform where people feel comfortable sharing issues often not discussed. Her website is a place for people to open up without judgement. "You can be going to work, going to class. You could be hanging out with friends and dealing with all these issues inside but they’re not seen,” she said. More than 100 people have logged on to share stories about depression and thoughts of suicide. Emily says the first step is talking and getting help...

"Her Bully Pulpit"

The College Today - Alicia Lutz

Emily Torchiana had been hijacked. The cyberbullies had taken everything she was, everything she had, and dropped her off in a dark, lonely place. But in that place she found a powerful voice – and she’s using it to stand up to cyberbullies everywhere and to show people like herself that they are not alone...

"How One Girl is Single-Handedly Shattering the "Crazy" Stigma

Healthcare Executive India - Sweta Jalan

Clearly, this college-goer really knows what it was like to have depression and one day decided to open about it. Little did she expect that it would open a Pandora’s box, with people wanting to share stories of their struggles with mental illness with her. This snowballed into her founding The Invisible Illness. The project is a public platform featuring honest portraits and first-person point of view stories of individuals who have been affected by mental illnesses....

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"Taking Off Her Mask: College of Charleston Senior uses her attempted suicide to stop others from trying"

ABC News 4 - Dean Stephens


For most people, it’s not often they open up completely and bare their soul, sharing the darkest and most painful secrets of their lives – especially to strangers. But one College of Charleston senior does just that as often as possible. That’s what makes Emily Torchiana this month’s Jefferson Awards recipient. For those who didn’t know, they never would have known because Torchiana hid it all and did her best to blend in. That is, she tried until the pain became too much to bear...

"Emily Torchiana wins Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Award for Public Service"

ABC News 4 - Dean Stephens


.Charleston's Emily Torchiana won the prestigious Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Award for Public Service Thursday night at the Jefferson Awards Foundation's National Gala. Torchiana was nominated for her work in suicide prevention through her non-profit, The Invisible Illnesses, which hosts workshops to educate both students and parents on mental health.

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